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Chiropractic is a science, art, and philosophy that concerns itself with the relationship between the nervous system and function (health) of the body.

If there is a disruption or irritation to your nervous system, the body's ability to function efficiently is diminished. Every experience of your life is through your nervous system and again, if an interruption to the nervous system occurs the essence of life whether physical, spiritual or emotional is diminished.

And that’s why at Animity Health and Wellness Center, we deploy our enhanced Chiropractic therapy to heal the body and restore the nervous system.

At Animity Health and Wellness Center, our goal is to create the ultimate healthcare experience so that you can be physically stronger, be happier, form healthy relationships with others, and ultimately live the best life possible!

Experience Personalized Care

We acknowledge that every patient is different with varying individual needs. And that’s why we offer an individualized program of care to each patient. While Animity Health and Wellness Center is a full-fledged chiropractic service, we also provide a holistic approach to living a better life, and thus, have strategically modeled our operation to be centered on patient’s general well-being.

Take Back Your Life

It's our desire that you get to live the life that you want - whatever that looks like for you. Whether you want to be able to enjoy your favorite sport, pain-free, or want to enhance your productivity at work, we are ready to help you. If whatever you're doing isn't working fine, then why don't you give us a try?

You can always schedule a FREE, No-Pressure, No-Obligation Consultation if you

are unsure about scheduling an appointment.  Just click the purple button above

to schedule your FREE no-pressure consultation today!

I visited Dr. Schueller for numbness and tingling in my hands that I had been experiencing. I thought I would give chiropractic care a try and it was one of the best experiences ever! After a few visits, my symptoms were cleared up and I was feeling back to normal. The ease of online scheduling, the relaxed atmosphere, and the fact that Dr. Schueller truly cares about his patients and their well being are just some of the many reasons why I would highly recommend Animity Health!


I came to Dr Schueller ‘s office because I had frequent pain that made it difficult to walk. Dr Schueller’s focus on overall wellness and treatment options are why I chose to get help from him. After just one month of treatment, I have improved tremendously! My sciatica pain in my lower back and hip is reduced to almost zero! Dr Schueller cares about you as a patient and always does his best to make sure you are satisfied with your treatment and progress. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr Schueller if you are struggling with muscle or joint pain because his “no cracking” adjustments really do wonders! Thank you so much!

Mike Huesemann

Every time I have an appointment, I always leave feeling much better! I look forward to my next appointment each time. I have been feeling so much better since I started! I would highly recommend checking it out for yourself!


I have battled chronic pain for 14 years following a MVA. I have been to many doctors and chiropractors in my past with little relief. I started going to Dr V and have noticed a difference in my pain. The pain has decreased and the type of adjustments that are done leave you feeling less sore the day of the adjustment. Dr V is very caring and friendly and shows true compassion for his clients. Wonderful experience every visit.


Being in body breaking occupations for decades:farming since 1966,then home building,barn building,and... falls from barns, a high treestand,and other accidents,was in constant pain. Saw over 15 different chiropractors thus far,all over the states.Some helped,some could have done better.In my first visit to see Dr. Schueller, his was a very different approach to the chiropractic adjustment field.Why not try- I told myself. After the first appointment,must admit,felt pretty good,even a little taller!After a few more appointments,lesser and lesser pain,and better feeling overall. This doctor..TAKES TIME to work with you.He is compassionate,communicative,and accurate! Wish so many others in the health field did it the same way!I'll see him for maintaining aches and pains,and all seems to be getting feeling better after each appointment. YES-Go see him- a new style of care! Unlike others I've seen..there is no twisting of the head so forceful feels like nearly comes off the neck..or hand or elbow pushes, so hard,making one groan,yell, or more.. This doctor, his attention to detail is profound.And a great man.Make an appointment!Try it.He does a terrific job-a testimonial from one who saw many other chiropractors,this doctor is highly commended.10 plus on a 1-10 scale.

Tom Fintelmann

Dr. Schueller was more helpful in my first few visits than all 25 years I had spent with my last chiropractor. I recommend Dr. Schueller to everyone!!

Leah Gierke

I had never been treated by chiropractor prior to my first visit to Animity. I was suffering from some extreme lower back that was not your normal easy to address pain. Dr. Schueller listen to me carefully, not only about my current needs, but where I would like to go in the future with my health. The handheld IQ device is amazing. NO cracking, NO popping. All the things that previously made me nervous to visit a chiropracter. Having witness my son being adjust as a baby scared me! I saw Dr. Schueller 2 days after my first treatment. The pain had come back. Through more discussion he was able to determine and pin point a solution. One hour after that visit the pain was 100% gone and has not returned. I am thankful for the quick online scheduling, as it allowed me to take the quick leap to make an appt. and get this pain taken care of. If you have been thinking about seeing a chiropractor to address some of your issues, Dr Schueller is sure to work with you to find a comfortable solution.


I visited Dr. Schueller because I had a deep low back injury in January. I ignored my body’s whispers of discomfort until March when I started having digestive issues and gut pain that I believed was related to my sacrum pain. My Aurora doctor told me that my spinal injury and my digestive issues were not related and that I should have a colonoscopy. My husband was massaging my back several times a day, I was icing, using tennis balls and not sleeping very well. I got pain relief from my acupuncturist, and had changed my diet dramatically (eliminated dairy, gluten and sugar) to try and alleviate my digestive pain and issues. By May, my whole self, body, mind and spirit seemed to be jeopardized by my now 5-month old injury. Then I met Victor at KAYT (Kiel Area Youth Theater) and learned about his non-cracking chiropractic business. Just walking into his space was a healing experience as it felt more like a wellness center than a doctor’s office. I read on his walls values he holds, that I live by, too. His demeanor was professional, open and relaxed. Dr. Schueller assured me that my spinal injury (which of course is a nervous system injury) absolutely could affect not only digestive issues but also many other internal systems too. I got immediate pain relief from the first adjustment which I was perfectly relaxed for and thoroughly enjoyed. This was a different adjusting experience than any other chiropractic adjustment I have had in the past where it was nearly impossible for me to relax before being twisted and pressed on. Within one month of weekly visits, my stomach pain had diminished and I have more days without back pain than the days with it. I have also taken my son to have two adjustments after a terrible fall from high on a swing. I am so thankful to have Dr. Schueller and his practice as part of my wellness village.

Meggan Herschberg

I am amazed at my energy level. My vitamin D was deficient and you knew that without any blood testing so thank you for helping me in this! I do believe that after two years of struggling I may finally be on the path to healing!

I can't believe the difference I feel - even my husband said to me he's noticed how much I look alive. My daughter was happy that I played with her every day multiple times without complaining of pain or discomfort. That's huge!

The girls can't get over how much I can do again without being in pain or discomfort. I can sit and play on the floor with my daughter for two hours without an issue. My inflammation markers are down and my doctor cleared me for six months.

I've been feeling like a new person - I can't even begin to describe how different of a person I feel. It's amazing!

Tabitha Seefeldt

I have not been to a chiropractor in greater than 10 years. I wanted to come in for an alignment of my spine. I was not able to lay on my back very long while I was sleeping and would wake up frequently during the night to reposition myself. Victor made me feel comfortable and listened to my concerns. He was able to use equipment to adjust my spine. It was not painful just a tapping sensation. After the session, I was amazed at the difference it made. I am now able to sleep on my back the whole night, which I have not been able to do in years. I would highly recommend Victor to help with any back, neck, shoulder, hip etc. issues or concerns that you may have. I wish I would have done this sooner. I only needed one visit, but Victor invited me to return anytime for follow up treatment if I think I need it.

Lori Hertel

I went to go see Dr. Schueller because of hip pain that was afffecting my sleep and everyday chores as well as my running. I felt relief even after my first session and was very impressed with his knowledge as well as personality and professionalism. I really love the fact that he doesnt expect you to come in 3 times a week but rather listens to how you are feeling and schedules based off of that. I am happy to say that i am pain free because of Dr. Schuellers treatments after only a short time and he gave me the tools to treat myself if the pain comes back . I can not say enough about Dr. Schueller and highly recommend him to anyone!

Sara Conrad

Thank you so much Dr. schueller, I do not remember my back being pain free. It is so wonderful to be out of pain.

Carol Salm

Meet Dr. Victor Schueller

Dr. Victor Schueller

Dr. Victor Schueller is a passionate chiropractor, wellness coach, author and also an anatomy and physiology instructor. Having carved out a career for himself in the personal development and wellness field, Victor comes with a wealth of experience offering chiropractic therapies, wellness education opportunities, meditation classes, nutritional counseling, and corporate wellness programming to the public.

Victor specializes in offering individualized chiropractic techniques and also helping patients build positive and healthy social relationships to enable them to handle their emotions.

Victor firmly believes that everything in the body is connected. And that's why he's very passionate about the relationship between a person's overall health and their lifestyle.

Dr. Victor is always looking to inspire, promote and celebrate healthy lifestyles by guiding his practice and community members to a new experience of life which is why he takes an active part in his community by speaking to many groups, businesses, and organizations, both old and young.

I believe everyone has the potential to be healthy physically, but to be truly healthy we need to do work on the inside first - we need to work on our own mental and emotional wellness, and learn how to deal with our problems in a healthy way. We have to know how to talk to ourselves in a way that is positive, beneficial, and healthy. We have to be ready to forgive and move forward. In other words, we have to be healthy inside first, and then that will impact the outside.”

Victor Schueller, DC  //  Owner-operator, Animity Health and Wellness

Animity Health and Wellness Center offers a new approach to quality healthcare. Get in touch today and let’s put you on the path toward wellness.

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