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Welcome to Animity Health, where we are passionate about creating ideas that can help you realize your full potential. We focus on ways to help you control your organizational costs, while at the same time improving the culture, effectiveness, and efficiencies of every employee at your company.

At Animity Health, we want to help provide you with awareness of wellness practices that can improve your life, but we also want to make sure that we help you make real changes in your behavior through engaging and enjoyable practices that make wellness a way of life.

Many wellness programs focus a great deal on physical wellness, such as staying active and making healthy dietary choices.  At Animity Health, not only do we help you meet your wellness needs and initiatives in these areas, but we also place a significant emphasis on social, emotional, and spiritual well-being, with a variety of unique and innovative programs, solutions, and ideas that are designed to be difference makers for you and your organization.

To find out more about how we can help you connect with wellness in the areas of social, emotional, and spiritual wellness, click on the wellness areas below:

Social Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Does your wellness program do this?

We know that employers face a variety of challenges in getting employees and their families to participate in wellness activities, and it's also difficult to communicate and establish wellness initiatives, practices, and behaviors in the workplace. That's why we've designed our unique and innovative educational platform and online portal, which allows you to deliver a variety of enjoyable, engaging, and easy-to-learn content that can be accessed in the convenience and privacy of the homes of your employees and their families, or anywhere they may have internet access.

Our platform offers the flexibility to either function as a stand-alone wellness program, or serve as a seamless compliment to your existing health and wellness initiatives and strategies.  If you seek to also coordinate and bring live, in-person wellness educational opportunities to your organization, we can arrange those on your behalf as well to fully compliment all of your wellness needs and offerings.

A few of the many ideas we will provide through our online wellness educational platform include:

"In the Moment" Video Series

"Wisdom Meets Workplace"

Wellness Blog

"Wake Up" Coaching Calls

Video Training Series

Printable Wellness Programs

At Animity Health and Wellness, we strive to meet your health and wellness needs, and we're always open to suggestions to better serve you.  If you have any other ideas as to how we can help you improve the health and well-being of your organization, please contact us.  We're here to help!

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