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How Do You Measure Up to This Code of Ethics?

By Dr. Victor Schueller | belief systems

I really enjoying learning about the customs and traditions of the Native Americans.  As long as I can remember, the history and culture of these great people has fascinated me.  A few months ago I happened upon a website, which shared what they called the “Native American Code of Ethics.”  After reading through this code, I […]

How Much Does It Really Matter?

By Dr. Victor Schueller | communication

One of my absolute favorite places to be is right in the middle of a forest.  I love being surrounded by nothing but nature, immersed in the sounds of the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees, the singing of the birds, and the sounds of the animals as they scurry about through the […]

What Were You Thinking? |

By Dr. Victor Schueller | belief systems

Thoughts are powerful.  Without the power of thinking, we would not progress as a society.  We would lack innovation and creativity.  We would not enjoy the advent of new technology and the benefits of such.  However, sometimes “thinking” can get us into trouble.  But the reason why may not be the reason you “think.” The […]