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Dr. Victor Schueller, President and Chief Wellness Officer

Dr. Victor Schueller is President and Chief Wellness Officer of Animity Health and Wellness. Victor's diverse and unique background makes him uniquely prepared to help his clients control organizational costs while increasing the effectiveness and efficiencies of their employees through innovative and engaging methods. In addition to being a Doctor of Chiropractic with a certification in nutrition, Dr. Schueller has been an instructor at the collegiate level for over ten years, where he has developed and delivered curriculum and instruction in both face-to-face as well as blended and online formats. As a certified trainer, Victor has delivered training to organizations in the areas of leadership, coaching, interviewing, and other related topics. A coach, speaker, and author, Dr. Schueller has been an award-winning self development blogger, focusing on social, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Victor has authored two books and has served as a personal and executive coach, and hosted his own online radio show for four years, interviewing authors and experts from around the world. Dr. Schueller also has personally experienced the benefits of applying wellness and healthy strategies himself, losing over seventy pounds and going from the couch to running a full marathon. Please feel free to contact Victor if you would like help in strengthening your organizational culture through wellness, or if you'd like more information on his consulting or coaching services.

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