How to Bring Your Best to Every Situation Every Day

By Dr. Victor Schueller | health

Do you sometimes struggle to keep a positive mindset in the midst of negativity from others, or under circumstances that are less than ideal?

We all have a difficult time staying upbeat and positive, especially when we find ourselves in a situation that we didn’t expect, didn’t ask for.

When those times come that we struggle to keep that positive mentality, it’s then that we need to take some time to do a personal inventory of our own values and ideals.

You can do this right on the spot, but it’s even better if you can do some preparation ahead of time, so that you are ready when the time comes.

Try doing an “I am” exercise

This is a really quick exercise that you can do anytime and anywhere to re-focus and center in on your values and ideals.  All you need to do is grab a piece of paper and write the words “I am” at the top of the paper.

Next, just write words and phrases that describe your ideal self — your “best you” that you can think of.  For example, you may write “kind,” “loving,” “caring,” “good listener,” and other similar words and phrases.

After you’re done, just take a look at what you wrote down.  You just captured your values.  These are the ideals that you live by, and when you are living your life in alignment with these values, you are bringing your best to the world you live in.

Keep that list with you, and let those values and ideals be your guiding principles for the rest of your day, week, month, or even year.  You can do this again and again if you’d like, and in reality, the more you take time to do a personal inventory of your values and ideals the more readily they’ll come to your conscious awareness when you are challenged with a difficult situation or exposed to negativity coming from others, and you’re invited to participate!

The more you practice writing down your values, or running through them in your head, especially when you suspect that you may be walking into a negative or unfavorable situation, the more you will be prepared to maintain those values and ideals in the midst of your challenges.

If one of your values, for example, is “love,” then ask yourself how you can bring love to every interaction you have with another person throughout the day.  When someone criticizes another person in your presence, ask yourself how you can bring love to this situation to turn things around and make things more positive.

We all have values and ideals that, if we lived up to them and by them every moment of every day, would make this world a better place.  If you can make a regular practice and eventual habit of reviewing your values and ideals, you will be bringing your best version of yourself along with you no matter where you go, and you will definitely make a positive impact on those around you.


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